The discovery of the “cores” changed everything. The mystical force, unearthed by the Sherman Intellectuals, a shadowy intergalactic group of leading scientists, provided a limitless energy source powerful enough to run starships and cities.

But the cores were in limited supply. The most precious material in the universe. And it wasn’t long before the hunters, mercenaries, and fighters came for them.

Coreupt, a drop-dead gorgeous Unreal-based 3D fighter from upstart development studio Team Coreupt, is a blazing-fast take on the classic genre with next-generation production sensibilities and presentation.

Choose your fighter from a robust roster of futuristic warriors and dive into intense local or online multiplayer brawls with nuanced controls inspired by such beloved franchises as Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter. Play offensively or defensively with comprehensive move sets and combo-breakers.

And yes, online multiplayer absolutely supports rollback netcode for the most performant and lag-free matches.