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    Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights (Android/iOS) - 2022

    Bravely Default Brilliant Lights will feature turn-based combat and a gacha system. Viewers can see these functions demonstrated in the announcement trailer. Additionally, characters from previous Bravely Default games will appear in this title. Keiichi Ajiro, the writer for the original Bravely Default, will work on the scenario for the upcoming game.
    Similar to previous Bravely Default titles, Brilliant Lights will have turn-based combat. It will also utilize the Brave and Default systems that have appeared in previous games. Additionally, players will be able to create parties based on their individual styles of play.

    For example, players can add “short ranged,” “long ranged,” “support,” and “defense” type characters to their parties. Characters will come with unique commands and abilities.

    Additionally, Square Enix provided a breakdown of the Brave and Default mechanics on the official website. Characters can consume Brave Points to perform actions in combat. If players accumulate the max amount of Brave points, they can potentially attack up to four times per-turn. Assuming the Default stance skips the character’s turn and raises their defense while also allowing for the accumulation of Brave Points. It works similarly to assuming a defensive stance. Players earn one Brave Point per turn when assuming the Default stance.

    Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights is the latest smartphone entry in Square Enix’s RPG series Bravely, which has surpassed three million total worldwide shipments and digital sales.

    With a detailed setting and story by Keiichi Ajiro, sublime background music by Revo, and strategic battles that utilize the “Brave & Default” system, you can enjoy a console-like RPG experience on your smartphone.

    Key Features
    • A single-player RPG that anyone can enjoy.
    • No character gachas! Choose your favorite characters and train them to the end!
    • Play as a large number of characters from the Bravely series.
    • Strategic battles that utilize the “Brave & Default” system.

    Setting and Story

    Embark on an adventure revolving around the Crystal with four new warriors of light.

    5,000 years have passed since the death of the great alchemist who proposed the creation of Crystal, creator of all things.

    The light of the Crystal has yet to shine upon the land, which has become a vast wasteland called the “Blood Sands.” And a great rift valley created by a giant’s arrow has separated the lands from north to south, dividing people’s cultures from east and west.

    In this vast land ruined by many years of wars and “Blood Sands,” there was but one area blessed with water and greenery. It is here where our story begins—in “Brass, The Alchemy City.”

    One night, a shining ball of light appeared at the ancient ruins on the outskirts of Brass, illuminating the night sky. The following morning, Claire, who is studying the ruins as an alchemist’s apprentice, receives a request to investigate the damages…

    Game System
    • A Single-Player RPG that Anyone Can Enjoy – As a single-player RPG for smartphone, you can enjoy the game on your own when and where you please. But you can also enjoy the game with friends via the chat, guild, player-versus-player, and raid features.
    • No Character Gachas! Choose Your Favorite Characters and Train Them to the Fullest – Choose and acquire your favorite characters, then train them to the fullest according to their abilities and traits.
    • Play as a Large Number of Bravely Series Characters – As the Bravely series’ 10th anniversary project, a large number of characters from previous entries in the series will appear as playable characters. You can even enjoy previously untold episodes as side stories.
    • Strategic Battles that Utilize the “Brave & Default” System – The battle system utilizes the series’ traditional “Brave & Default” system, optimized for smartphone for the first time. The system consists of the offensive “Brave,” which allows up to four actions per turn, and the defensive “Default,” which allows you to conserve actions for “Brave.” Determine when to use “Brave” versus “Default” in strategic combat.

    Voice Cast

    Ami Koshimizu, Kanon Tani, Kazuhiko Inoue, Keiji Fujiwara,, Mitsuki Saiga, Miyuki Sawashiro, Rie Takahashi, Ryota Takeuchi, Shizuka Ito,, Souma Saitou, Takashi Kondou, Takaya Hashi,, Tomoyo Kurosawa, Touru Ookawa, Yasuyuki Kase, Yukana, Yukiyo Fujii, Yuu Shimamura, and more.

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    Just to note, there's no indication that this will ever come to Global and the previous Bravely Default gacha never did.

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    I will remain hopeful considering this will be new. But no character gacha? Welp time for SSR equipment gacha and maybe jobs, if their that stupid.

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