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    Security token removal... strange issue

    I'm a veteran of the game been away long time (about six years) and I'm wanting to try and return. The battery in my security token is practically dead and doesn't seem to work correctly.

    I say it's "practically" dead... nothing displays on screen unless I warm it up a bit on a radiator . Then a few presses of the button can make a code appear. I had a few failed attempts to get into my Square Enix account but then one code worked and I was in. But then I have to stupidly use it a second time to remove the token after entering the serial number. I cannot get any code to work here and I just get an error message returning me to the login screen.

    So I have to start again, but I can now put any random code I make up into the login screen which fails at first (not using the token), then when I press the login button a 2nd time with that same code still there it gets me into my account.

    So now my account shows a number of successful logins, but the token is showing as still active there and I can't remove the bloody thing!

    So the burning question... is this token removed or not? (Not reinstalled game or reactivated character yet)

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    The one thing I can tell you; first thing, GET AHOLD OF SQUARE ENIX TECH SUPPORT. Sadly since you're British, we don't have the phone number for it (we have the NA number but NO ONE has ever mentioned the EU number or said anything; that proly won't help you).

    That said, it's proly still active, so you need square enix tech support to help you get it off. *mutters something about wish someone would cough up the phone number..* If you do have the EU tech support number, pleaaase, I beg you, add it to the wiki.

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    Well I did fill in the EU form for assistance nd they responded pretty quick. Well, within a day over the weekend no less. I got an email telling me that they had suspended the token which allows me to login to my SE account and also get into the game. But once in my account I need to use the token a 2nd time to remove it (how stupid!) and they told me to leave the one time code boxes blank. This still does not get rid of the bloody token! It keeps demanding a code for the 2nd time.

    I should be grateful for small mercies. Been away 6 years and getting back in was relatively painless, aside from this gripe.

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    You can use a software authenticator instead if you want:

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    Since I'm already using it. I'm a fan of using Google Authenticator for the token instead of the app from SE. They added that as a option more recently.

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