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    Moghancements and aura

    For the love of god, can someone please explain to me how this ridiculously convoluted system works? As if I were a 5 year old please.

    I've looked at guides etc. and they seem to say that the single item with the greatest aura takes precedence. But here's my situation...

    I have various furnishings in my MH because I took time to get things that looked nice. But this system is making me chop and change like hell and I still cannot get what I want.

    I have the Vana'clock which seems simple enough. With an aura of 16 I hang it up and get M.Bounty. Take it down and I get something else.

    With the clock down and I put the Fishermen's stall in there, I get Mega Moglification Fishing. All good as that has an aura strength of 11.

    But if I then do a straight swap of fishermans stall for the culinary stall (same aura remember at 11) I get something completely different. Or sometimes no moghancment at all, as though stuff is cancelling out.

    Why is it working for Fisher stall and not Culinary if they have the same aura? I just can't get my head around this bs.

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    Going by memory here but if im not mistaken:
    Sum all the elemental aura up, thats your dominant element.
    From that dominant element, the item with the strongest area will be your moghancement/moglification if applicable.

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    Yeah, you get the moghancement of the last furniture you placed from your dominant element. The dominant element is whichever element has the most aura power. So if you want moghancement from a stall, place a few pieces furniture of the same element as the stall, then put the stall in there.

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