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    Ranger query

    Dear Ondori, Russy, Ryoske, Twentytwo, and anyone else who is a main rng that i may have missed. I am having a lot of trouble figuring out exactly what it is i want to be for the long run. I have lately recieved my nin flag but don't like the idea of blink tanking for the rest of my life in ffxi. Thus i made the decision to drop it as my main and look for something better. Someone once told me that the supporting job that does the most dmg is Rng. After having done some research i learned that A) Rng/Nin fairs as a good combination in many ways, B) Rng and Nin are two of the most pricey jobs found in ffxi, and C) well i hear they are great at high lvls. I have all 6 nin scrolls from (Norg) and figure this combo would suit me well considering the time i have put into the fame and quests. After ransacking through countless sites and forums i stumbled upon your site and ls family. Quite impressive, props to all of you. So i thought i'd ask you guys (or rather the rng and rng/nins) how you enjoy the job/combo and its difficulty level up to around the 30s. Again, i am looking to do mass dmg as a support member of a party and for a fun job to take the whole nine yards. Also, various other insights would be nice :wink:. Likewise, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    i'm not a rng but i can tell you i've made most of my XP parties from level 1 to 75, and if i see a ranger seeking pt, he's the first person i ask. the simple fact is, the faster you kill things, the faster your EXP comes in. so people always love to party with rangers

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    rng is very useful and a lot of times necessary job
    so it's a good choice if you have the patience for the money it costs

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    puller's ranged attack misses the drter.
    paladin uses provoke on the darter.
    dark knight readies guillotine.
    the darter takes 239 damage
    black mage starts casting aeroga III on the darter
    ranger readies sidewinder.
    the darter takes 1238 points of damage.
    skillchain! the darter takes 1048 points of damage.
    paladin covers ranger
    black mage casts aeroga III.
    magic burst! the darter takes 1129 points of damage.
    black mage defeats the darter.

    total elapsed time 23 seconds.

    if you can do that once every 2 battles why wouldnt you be ranger?

    as for get to see a lot more rng/nin for safety measures mainly because (look above) you'll be drawing hate like crazy and you need some defensive before pld can cover or get the hate back or monster dies...war sub is much better for damage however. i pt'd with 22 from like 48 all the way to 75 and every party has been high damage and usually smooth unless we have the power of some rdm/war elv with us...

    22 was rng/war all the way to 75 before he lv'd nin sub, and he died a lot even with pld covering. as for money if you do woodworking arrow creation might be cheaper than buying stacks and stacks off AH. as for nin, shihei is always shihei, and you'll use million+ gil before you hit 65 most likely

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    Rng is a fun job to play... you have to really know your part tho.

    You'll become a master of knowing what will over agro a mob, like a BLM. Also RNGs weaponskills link nicely with every but a DRG.

    when xping it easy to use 1000+ arrows in one sitting... and i usually bring about 1000-1600. Scropion arrows are good, and make RNG cost livable for lvls 40+, but if you wana be the best that you can be, you'll have to pick up a gun some day. Silver bullets are sooo expensive it's enough to make you physically sick, but you have to do it. 1 stack of silver bullets will be like 10k-12k. dont forget shihei for ustusemi... that another 5k for a stack.

    The biggest tip that i'd big for RNG is this, Woodworking and Alchemy. you need to take both of them up. Also, i enjoy RNG/NIN better. ustusemi and that extra weapon makes ALL the difference in the world when you are trying to kill something really hard. RNGs get so much agro anyways... if someone tell you well, we need a provoke for thf... just do this. Sharpshot + Barrage + Weapsonskill + shoot barrage. I promise you'll get agro, you'll also be casting ustusemi sometime have that, and praying for a cover.


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    Ranja Danja

    Hey Hey
    Ranger is tons of fun in xp parties once you hit lvl 30 and get the JA Barrage is realy when you get a taste of the damage rng is capable of dealing. If ya wanna lvl faster (as in getting xp and pts) then rng is def a good choice. Only draw back is the gil but i guess thats how SE evens out the ability to lvl so quickly. As far as dying NIN SJ should keep you alive a lot more than WAR but then again WAR does more damage so if you have a pld and a whm you trust try out war SJ, but they are both tons of fun, anyway good luck as a ranger and I hope ya like it as much as i do ^^

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    Not sure if you guys still check this out often T.T. Anyways, i was wondering 22, did you get any +str stuff @75? I was wondering since I see the hume rse boots are +3. Maybe a jungle belt @70 also for +4. Add that with our hume rse gloves for another +3. Was just curious if you did this and what were your results ^^v.

    I'm currently 66 subbing war and really wanna hit even harder XD.

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