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    I almost switched O_O

    Yesterday, I actually logged off FFXI so I could go make a character on Bahamut. O_O I watched the "God Ownage" or whatever movie by Ondori ( nice job!! ) and I literally turned to my FFXI and almost made myself a Bahamut character that I would commit myself to.

    What stopped me was the fact that you're full, it would take me months to get to where you are, and the chances of me even getting in are slim-to-none so all that work wouldn't have payed off in the end.

    You guys are absolutely fascinating. O_O

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    If you have the skills and dedicate yourself to what counts, it's possible to do. Ondori really is amazing, and he always talked about someone moving to our server just for how amazing he portrays an LS. BlueGartr really is great, and I think if someone really plays FFXI well, they deserve to be in

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    I think anyone would switch severs tp join BG, and a great job is done on the site and clips everything is great. Its Also True that its really hard to get into BG lol u guys were the first na clan to kill kirin and that wow :D. me like a million others want in and i know am dedicated and stuff but lol right now at my 58 thief, lol i dont think am good enough , but what i like is we actually have a nice living forum here which is great, kepp it up Guys :D

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    Err i noticed i typed clan lol use to play cs (Counter strike) till FFXI camp out

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