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    i cant think of a good title

    Ok, well i have come to the realization that i will not be able pt lvl my Pld anymore due to an overwelming ammount of Pld's on our server. i have also realized in the past 2 weeks that every time i look for a party (all day / night) there is useually 5-10 Pld's my lvl on looking for a party. As much as i hate to say it i have given up hope and decided to sell all of my stuff to start a new job. I was so close to being able to join the BG and just could not do it...

    I dont think any of you know me but i see you all around and have been waiting to join the ls, sadly its going to be a lot longer sence i have started from scratch again hoping that as a mage this time i will have better luck in higher lvl parties so that in a month or so i will be able to come with you all to kill Gods and other HNM's.

    One of my friends has made it into a JP HNM, another was invited into the other NA HNM ls and i still have not even been recognized as a player ^^;; i know what ls i would like to be a part of and maybe ill be able to get in with in the next month (if you let me)

    Sence ill be lvling my mages wich a currently have Blm at 21 and Whm at 15 (this was all started about a weeks ago) what would BG be looking for if you might know in a few weeks so i know what job to lvl.... i like Blm AND Whm so either way ill be playing a job i like but if im going to do this i would atleast like to know that ill definately have a shot at getting in. I have not doen anything with Rdm but my options are open.

    If you would like to know my stats i will be glad to tell you just ask and
    well i have said what i wanted to.... hopefully i have gone over everything.

    well sry to keep this going on and on and for those who this does not consern im sry for wasting your time.

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    Well, really as far as I know we can always use anyone who is at or close to 75 and a decent player, regardless of their job type. As of right now though, I think total activity for the following jobs is something like:


    So if you want, you could use that as a rough guide, but really just play the job that you enjoy the most.

    By the way, just out of curiousity what level is your PLD?

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    my Pld is lvl 61 - 6k tnl
    But like i said i have waited for the last 2 weeks litterally night and day for a party (i have no life i play FF) and have not lvl'd sence the one pt that brought me to 6k tnl...

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    well the thing is, the level requirement is 70 mage and recommended 75 for all melee applying (doesnt mean we dont take ppl under 75)

    you just have to show you're dedicated and are willing to do things that are respectable like one of our newest members heartily who did all ZM's on her own and never whined about not being able to join ls and generally being patient and fair. someone like that gets our attention and respect immediately

    so kudos to heartily!

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    thought it was 65 mages 70 melee... well thats what the site said. Well for being patient, i think i am lol im starting from 0 again with 2 jobs Blm and whm and plan on tanking Blm to 75. lol i think that is patient enough.
    well just was wondering what you guys thought thanks for the feed back, hopefully ill be able to hang out with you sometime

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    we raised it because i was getting too many tells
    just kidding
    or am i?

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