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    nikopiko says

    hehe im from sereph

    OMG i have heard SO much about you guys. its scary O.o i hate sereph. the economy is 100% destroyed...and SE is thinking of doing a server swap to boost it soon. If i could only be put onto your server O.o


    ; ; full AF of course, lightstaff, erase, blah blah. im so jelous...tho biggest LS in sereph JUST barely (all NA) touched a dynamis -.- its so sad..

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    heh.. do you'll have alot of JPs on the server?

    Thats our problem, bahamut being the first Game Server, JPs rule. Soon tho we hope to have the title, "JP LS Dethroner".

    Thanks for the support and tell your friends!!


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    that and,,

    that and...were nearly the largest server now in existance. every day 1085 new players log on, and begind there first day.

    around 23 old players around level 50 quit.

    and around 3 players around level 70 quit.

    this is every day statistics..for sereph. We cant live with these.

    not to mention yes we have more than a fair share of JP's on the server. fishing of course ...which i can only imagine bots.

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    not like you care (but i do) just finished all my AF! :D

    63WHM/31SMN - the whole shabangabang dark/light staff. Got invited to a 60+ all NA linkshell. were MAXED on members. lol...this is awsome no one seeks pt more then 5 minutes now..kinda like a check point station. Check in mention your job/level and bam you get an invite. Not to mention we kill Ose like twice a day and kill lord of onzozo 4 times a week :D next run is mine and HOPING i get my kraken club like the rdm did <.< Well congrats again guys on everything and dont forget your guys's influence on all NA LS above 60+ are inspriring us as well^^

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