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    why do you think i wrote something like that?

    … I was just informed from an ls member that my name was said to be a person that made a thread to spam hate on your ls? First of all I just learned this ls website today. And I still don’t know why u believes that was I. I mean dam if It was me I would spell the dam sever right and make some since when I talk… Hey! I don’t even under stand wtf he is saying. Well sorry for making this thread but had to say that is not I. I don’t want my name to have a bad rep. Heh from what I have seen you guys are pretty dam good..

    sorry for the trouable...

    delete thread once you read its ok
    just want to say that... i didnt wright something like that
    i dont even log off FF

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    russ smith has some news for you
    here you go

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    is there someone i can talk to 1on 1 instead of typeing these things on threads..

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    Someone check his IP address.

    I can bet money it's the same as the guest, or at least the same ISP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genosync
    Someone check his IP address.

    I can bet money it's the same as the guest, or at least the same ISP.
    ill take you up on that bet
    monopoly money onry
    you win

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    *Perzian and Hey! have the same password
    *Your IP is the same as GUEST and Hey!
    *You are on Pheonix
    *You are checking this board
    *Your spelling is similar
    *And i wrote a program just for this, to go back thru our hit logs... and you saw you create a Hey! account on the front page.

    Feel free to use your real name next time.

    You've been warned.


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    dont think we're all clueless

    in fact, the opposite is true. we monitor these forums and talk about them in game. coming in here and telling us about our gimp rangers and blm's then suddenly defending yourself when you're exposed shows what kind of character you have.

    btw mr lv70 blm our "gimp" black mages all have 7mil+ in gear. and you? my thundaga 3 hits an aura statue, incredibly tough to lv75, for 1701 on mb no day/weather involved. you?

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    (thundaga 3 Lv 73)

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    all you bastards with jobs like cyber cafe and game programmers own me

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