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    Does my LS stand a chance?

    I own a LS, about 15 Lv50+ members in it and I finally got around to organizing a fight against King Arthro. We are bringing 12-14 people(2 parties) Lv53-59. We have this party setup...



    For damage we have BLM nuking, RNG firing/barrage, PLD alternate tanking(One with Earth Staff, one with Sword for Spirits Within) We have a Sidewinder > Viperbite Distortion skillchain.

    If things get rough we have RNG use Shadowbind to gain some time to rest.

    Do you think we stand a chance against this guy? Have you guys ever fought him? Any suggestions on a better party setup? Thank you ^^

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    think of king arthro as aquarius downsized

    he's lv55 but your problem isnt fighting him its claiming him

    if you dont know already he's easily the most camped thing on the server, since it doesnt require 18 people (most common is 2x 75 or 4x 75 or 6x 70+ or something like that) and with NA connection you're screwed. since knight crabs pop right before king does everyone knows exactly when to start spamming and you're working against turbo controllers and the such but they're all about 1 1/2 seconds or more ahead of you with jp connections...worry about the claim not the kill for now :/

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    if you do somehow get him, watch out for waterga4(stun) and hundred fists
    i've never fought him

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    We knew about Hundred Fists already, we are prepared for that, Waterga is new, thanks for the info. We are doing it next Saturday. Wish us luck with the claim x.x