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    RNG and farming

    actually want change to RNG, i know its the most expensive but its what i want be
    im THF 46 without armor ( i sold it to buy RNG items)
    as you can see i have TH2 but i still dunno how use it well, what a THF without armor can kill to get a bit ofmoney, i dont want be a ubber RNG with emperor etc, just a normal RNG with normal quipment
    any idea on what i should farm?
    some people tell me quadav helms and trade them in bastok quest
    other tell me rolanberry with gobues and crawlers

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    Hmm as a 46-ish thf I'd say the best way to make money is maybe camp NM? Something easy for a thf without equip that drops something worth farming. I dunno.. >_>;;

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    if you're looking for Sure money, can't go wrong with quadav backplates.
    amethyst quadavs are a pushover for a 45thf, even nekkid.
    Or you could camp lizzy ;D
    and i don't think there is such a thing a a "not-uber" ranger... just awesome & suck, that i've seen...

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