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    Gil tips?

    Hello.. Im a lvl 35RDM and i need to buy dispel to continue lvling. But the big problem is that i dont know a good way to get money. So can someone of you be nice and tell me a great way to get a lot of gils please.
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    there's only 1 real answer to the "how can i make money?" question.

    spend an eternity farming anything.

    silk threads, beehive chips, lightning clusters, whatever. you just have to spend a lot of time doing it, very rarely will someone get lucky and go camp an NM for 5 minutes, get the claim, get the item, and go home with 200k. so it's best to not bother trying
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    Guest is the solution of too many now
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    I think BG has officially jumped the shark as of this post.
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    Don't fucking bump year old threads you ass muching whore.
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    Farm 30k (which is like six silk threads on siren).

    Buy protect3 in jeuno for 21k at NPC, sell on AH for 30k, rinse repeat.

    Hell one stack of silk thread would buy Dispel on Siren, I farmed like 12 stacks for it ><

    edit: wow just saw how old this is... die
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