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    the unadulterated truth

    as real as ur gonna get me.

    Spent the last few days thinkin about things - and about this game. In the end i've come to really one conclusion - im screwed.

    There are a few different kinds of people who play MMORPGs. The range is generally pretty broad but they all have many things in common. Feelings of community is what brings people to the game, on top of the fact the game is generally fun.

    Whats important though in a game based on such group related play, is the players attitudes. This is where I have my problem. In real life and in game, I generally try to do things for myself - but being a bard has put me in a place where doing things myself doesn't really work out.

    Of course like most support jobs and - really - everyone who plays.. you have to fall back on others. My problem is- when Im forced to depend on someone else, I don't like to be treated as if im a burden. This causes me to opt myself out of alot of situations where I don't feel id be absolutely needed.

    Now if you have even made it to this point - your like wtf i dont care why are you posting this.

    Well - I just wanted to take this space of a board read by alot of my peers~ people who play bahamut, whatever - I apologize for my behavior. I know alot of people in this servers community are probably a better person then me irl, and thus act accordingly in game as well.~

    anyway. im at work. gonna go do what im saposed to be doing.

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    yes, you are an asshole, i'm pretty sure you remember like that time you told the elv rdm to fuck off and find a new job

    i tend to do the same thing to people but drawing the line is a good thing

    what you did with yummy and that mission thing was rude and still leaves a burn on people's minds. and from my experience things aren't really forgiven after long durations of time by people either of this ls or the general bahamut community, either because we're all stingy bastards or that trust doesnt get anywhere in the first place, i dont know

    but its good if you want to try and stop being an asshole to people who try and benefit you. i mean hey, we have a blast on vent if i ever catch you there, you can be a funny guy and someone i wouldnt have a problem hanging around with. just being considerate of other ppl every once in a while is OK

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