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    Thank you Twentytwo!

    After have seen the awesome movies you guys have made i've decided to quit my lvl 68 Mithra THF/NIN and become a Hume ranger . Your movies and hard work in sky really made me consider starting a new character from the beginning and i really like it (only lvl 10 war without a subjob atm). I got so much inspiration from you guys and i just wanted to say Thank you for opening my eyes to the glorious world of ranger.

    Keep up the good work. Over and out

    Pinball from Asura server.

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    quit my lvl 68 Mithra THF/NIN and become a Hume ranger
    omg ihyl ; ;

    YES do that!

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    you quit mithra for hume? for shame

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    You quit [cat] for [woman]!? I'm at a loss for words... somebody comfort me.... please...

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    /comfort Helloboy
    {Run Away!}

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    Do the rangers in you LS get any +str gear at all? Im lv.67 atm and decided to get hume rse2 boots (+3str) and was wondering about that ocean sash which is +4 str.

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    ya im was planning on getting an ocean stash but i wouldnt use hume rse because war boots are better when u can equip them anyway good luck see ya