hey whats up guys, first lemme say, wow, great job, second thing i came to talk about was this and simply this, as of late, many of my High Lv friends have wanted me to start another linkshell srictly for god fights and they want me to start and lead, i've been rather reluctant to start a new LS much because of the lack of (and for lack of better words) devotion to keep a linkshell likethis alive and working, on my server there is one real HNM ls that is devoted to such things however many of them are snobs and don't think certain jobs are useful for such things, and because of this there has been a large contriversy on what is and isn't useful for these fights, i am on the side of the poeple, anyway, long story short i was wondering if u could somehow contact me so we can talk about exactly whati need to get done so as i can maybe (just maybe...) start another linkshell and lead it, my email is mailto:[email protected], and if you could email me i'd be very greatful, if you could put in the subjet FFXI GODS so this way i don't delete it as spam it would be great, anyway, thanx for even reading this and maybe thinking about responding, later