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    Need an explanation of cursed armor and uncursing pls

    Hi! I've been visiting the site and downloading the videos for a while now, but have just realized from watching the Nidhogg video that I really don't understand how cursed armor works.

    I remember talking to that NPC in the cathedral back when I didn't even have a sub job and they said something about cursed items and that I probably wouldn't have to worry about stuff like that for a long time ^_^. Do you trade this NPC a cursed <whatever> along with an abjuration? How do you come across that cursed armor part in the first place? Is any crafting involved?

    Thanks for your time /bow
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    all cursed armor is made by a 90+ tradeskill

    ex. cursed scale armor is alchemy 100 maxed skill synth. cursed dalmatica is clothcraft 100 maxed skill synth. cursed harness is bonecraft lv 100 get the point. this part is synthed

    the other part of the recipe is dropped off NM. some are more common drops than others off NM's. the nm's that drop abjurations are: genbu suzaku seiryu byakko kirin aspidochelone king behemoth fafnir and nidhogg.

    and yes you trade alphonwhatever c meriwhatever both items and he has you cast cursna on yourself and get the armor
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