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    Hello an Advice thx

    Hello Im shadowfax im no the carbuncle server and in one of the Top Linkshells which is Foodmonsters "which im sure most of u heard of us we have had claiming fights in many many forums" but, we have fought and destoyed many Gods/Hnms but we have yet to fight Nidhodd which we are coming up for strats atm for i just wanted to ask would it be any good for all the melee to sub whitemage for the fight for stoneskin against hurricane wind "If thats what its called " we have no plans to try to go against spike flail.... thats it for me
    and congrats on the LS complishments sorry about me spellings its to early in texas atm THX

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    go Texas!!!

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    yay Texas !!!

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    Spike flail remains a mystery to us, we have no sure idea what causes it or what makes him get so pissed off and unleash it. so its always a toss up. as for subbing whm, i think every melee but ranger HAS to sub whm, there may be a few exceptions like warriors who dual wield. other than that though, it saves a lot of mp in the long run with "Hurricane Wing" being taken down by stoneskin/blink. be warned though, melees subbing whm wont absorb all the dmg and when nidhogg gets down pretty low he will spam Hurricane wing. Its the hardest single fight in the game imo, so be prepared for many deaths ^^

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    worldx uses sneak attack
    worldx uses trick attack
    worldx uses souleater
    worldx uses last resort
    worldx uses spinning slash
    fafnir readies spike flail
    rarely, for them

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    well worldx did 1239 dmg no sneak just soul/last on hind leg and got them spike flailed

    our spike flail came from hind leg hit too

    oh yea go texas!!! i hate this place!!!

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    Thats about it...


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    omg you don't like the constant 100% humidity and 110 degree weather with a glaring sun giving you skin cancer, and then it suddenly the next day the sun disappears and it rains for 2 weeks straight only to cause floods and major damage and then have the sun reappear again and give you more skin cancer for a month straight and cause a drought?

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    maybe, but its the 95 degree december days and blizzards in mid-april that turn me on

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    we just have 95 degree winters without the blizzards

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    ah 95 degree winters !! goodtimes nothing like the winter not killing any of the bugs so when the summer comes around your car is covered in grasshoppers !!! and going to a New years party in shorts and leaving only to find out the temp dropped to 40 degrees as far a humidity goes its not as bad in Dallas/fort Worth because of the deathtrap Air

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    well 4 days ago it was 80 degrees at 6am and today it was 55 degrees at 7am. god that was terrible i thought i was going to die

    ok anyway, spike flail is recoverable. pg once took 2 spike flails in 1 fight and still beat fafnir, i'm sure nidhogg is worse, but...its not that bad. counters such as hp gear and chainspell/raise in emergency situations let you recover from something like that. and keep blink up, i've blinked 1 spike flail and took 1500 dmg from the other

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    well lastnight after the 8 hr maintence ,, we lost fenrir to 8 Jp ppl we had a full crew of 18 + 2 parties of rdm/whm/brd's and a few melee and pld's for fallen backup waitting to gather in aery zone;;;; lol i guess there where going to hold it for backup but i stood there watching for 2hrs and they only got it down to 95% in that time but then more of them started showing up so i left and i checked the zone after another 3 hrs in a search area and they where still there.... but thats how it happens i guess...
    BTW ive been looking at your main site just wondering that u guys explain what you will and willnot claim have u had claiming problems in the past? I just know the bigger the LS gets the bigger the target for drama IMO

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    you mean Fafnir

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    something that works in our favor on our server is that the JP LSes are sick of the remaining HNMs

    PG only hunts nidhogg and aspid when one of their members levels another job to 75 and wants a drop from them, and hunts KB only regularly
    sekaix is full on nidhogg gear too, and only really needs stuff for new members and new jobs that current members level.
    the LSes that remain who need drops are usually too softcore to camp at bad times in Japan, so a lot of times we get them either to ourselves or versus one of the two best LSes in those special cases i mentioned

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    i dont understand why people just dont avoid spike flail altogether, my LS has done fafnir around 15 times and Nidhogg twice, and we have yet to be hit with spike flail. average fafnir kills ~30min Nidhogg kills 1hr

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    so you know exactly what causes spike flail and how it can be avoided?

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    hello, my name is Avanarius, I am a 73 beastmaster on Titan, currently in AgeofVictory ls

    We were fighting nidhogg last night, got him down to about 30% when another ls is ready to fight but are getting very impatient and dont respect our boundries aka lag ect.

    Well anyways, there paladin Fina, cures our tank, stands behind Nidhogg and uses invincible making activate Spike Flail killing everyone to the side of him. They were standing there to avoid the breath attack, and standing at there position and getting hate would not activate the spike attack, it did happen a few times. We saw there paladin do it and called the GM right away. The GM was Gludd, he was very helpful. He even spent time watching the fight.

    We explained to the GM how they did this, and he is creating a "special report" on this, (yeah I know you probably think it means nothing). But, I can contact this GM anytime I wish, to learn more about the matter.

    I'd like to know your opinion on this, and how it could possibly be fixed.
    It is not very fair that someone can do this when they are not in the allience.

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    Yes ryoske i do know, its caused by anyone having aggro on the lower half part of the dragon, insted of doing somthing like breath, terror, roar, wing, he can do spike flail insted. what you need to do if u want to avoid this attack is make sure every stays very close and near the upper part of his body while avoiding breath.

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