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    Windurst Cleared!

    Today about 60 of us were able to clear undoubtly the hardest lower tier dynamis, Windurst. Good job everyone, It took us a few tries to get it, but we now have a really good strat. and it's on to big and better things now!


    Go Wiffleball!


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    omg... congratulations guys

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    Dynamis-Windurst gave me my signature.

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    wtf? where is that message from Almaa? LOL Death resist?

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    he got doom casted on him and the NM died before doom timer hit 0

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    it's one of the coolest things I've seen on ffxi... text wise

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    is there videos for windy or bastok dynamis yet?

    all i have to say is im in love with your videos, nice job. Congrats.


    55rdm/27blm Quetzalcoatl

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    for now the only dynamis we have a video for is sandoria. i think ondori is filming beaucedine on sunday, and maybe someday we'll have a compilation of 4 countries.

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    nice, that would be tight.

    I'm also wondering what program you use to film/edit your videos...i do a bit of graphic design but never done anything w/ motion.

    Well, anyways, keep up the ass kicking, its fucking awsome to watch it ^^.

    Good luck with all your future nm fights.

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