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    MAAT fight

    Hello everyone.

    I just have some questions about the MAAT battle for a level 70 DRK.

    what is the best kind of gear to use against him? I read mysterytour and they recommend 2 phalanx rings + steamed crab and that "it should keep his attacks to 100 dmg each time", yet whenever he hits me it can go anywhere from 100-180 dmg.

    I think that's why I am dying so much, any tips on how to keep his damage down?

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    Yinchan, its your turn.

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    Well, what i did, was took off snipers, switched to phalanx rings, ate steamed crab. AF parts would do ok, but i used hauberk for body.
    Have opo-opo necklance+4 sleeping potions, once u enter, use sleeping potions, get 100% TP, i used scythe. Absorbed-VIT, ran in Guillotined, used Icarus wing, and Guillotined again. Have plenty of Hi-potions, i bought till my inventory was full, and also vile elixers. Run when he uses his 2hour, as far away from him as you can, and used Vile elixer or vile elixer+1 if u havbe after if your life is low. Dont forget to drain also when u can and use the hi-potions in between attacks as you can.
    Good Luck.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I've tried that tactic, with the exception of opening with guillotine.

    I am currently 0/4, and after asking around, some recommend steamed crab, others recommend steamed crab. The fish gives something like 1% more DEF and 3 less VIT so I don't know why people would recommend that.

    I get hit for an average of 100-180dmg, and yes I am wearing Phalanx Rings (as mysterytour suggests)

    Basically what I"ll do is sleep myself to 200%, Absorb VIT and then open with spinning slash, switch to scythe > icarus wing and make a distortion chain with Cross Reaper.

    After this it's all downhill.

    My 2 glaring concerns are why he is hitting me so hard first of all, and what the best tactic to use when he uses Blood Weapon.

    Apart from the Phalanx Rings/Steamed Crab, I'm wearing the typical AF's, life belt, anemit etc.

    Is it just bad luck?

    And as for him using blood weapon, I find that when I stun him and try to run away, he just seems to catch up anyways while I'm running away so he ends up hitting me still. Would a better tactic be to counter with my own blood weapon/souleater to negate this?

    Thanks again for your help.

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    Yeah, it sometims can be luck, on his 2hour, counter with blood weapon if you think its right. For the amount of dmg that your taking, it may be your gear, but he still hit me for around 90-145 if i remember correctly.

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