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    My Arte

    All pictures are from Me and my Friends book "MechLuar" most all the pics here are from book1 we are currently on book 5 of a 40 book series. I'll post new pics of book 2 3 4 if you guys like.
    Ok the first pic is of "Tidiis" how he looks in my book. the second is a rough of "kid tidiis" in his home land gear.
    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v380/ ... 22f545.bmp
    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v380/ ... f86d81.bmp
    The first is an rough of "princess Lemeerah" and the later is of "Foroun" your basic dark magin <blm>
    Ok this is a pic of "Tarcellas" bringing the fragments of "malrok's" body to his sealed prison in the "Rock of Guil"
    Here we have "Tacellas" fighting the "Vai" there race hold fragment of "malrok's" body inside of them..the second holds one of the heroes "Elder James" fighting "Ovarseer" both of which were "Priest Knights" that fought aginst "Malrok".
    you know the first pic.The second is of "Blaque" and "Tarcellas" Blaque and "Ovarseer" are brothers and both were "Priest Knights"
    Sorr I don't know how to get the BMP to post the picture, If you can please do!

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    Nice links.

    Seeing that the files are missing.

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    they were working earlier, i saw em, we have an arteest

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    I add more and got the pics a bit clear. Sorry no scanner had to use my picture phone.

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