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    Oi, where to start. . ?

    Well, way back when some of your videos were released under "LawnChairLS" (I won't pretend to understand what happened with the change, just noting that many people from both sets of videos are the same), you guys caught my attention. I was RDM60-something or other at the time, going through a lot of "what job do I wanna play" crises and whatnot. Played PLD to 64, RDM eventually to 70, WAR to 54. . . meh, not important.

    Ondori especially got my attention. . . and because of that I wound up going Ranger with a new character I had created so I could get married (same sex marriages being a no-no). It's possibly the most fun I've had in the game, albeit expensive fun.

    But uh. . . here's where I get a little confused.

    I see that Marksmanship is the big deal post-60, and even around 50 it gets important. I keep both Archery and Marksmanship capped as I level, but the utter lack of useful bolts for Crossbows and the fact that bullets lack any real offensive power early on make it kind of hard to be useful while trying to keep this skill capped.

    I don't wanna let this skill fall behind, but there's a massive difference between my Archery and Marksmanship damage (almost 50 points per hit). I feel guilty spending the ten minutes capping it in a party after levelling. Is there any way to beef the damage up on Crossbows early on? Or do I just have to wait around for Mythril and Darksteel Bolts?

    Sorry for the long post, but any help on making Marksmanship more efficient early on would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance. ._.

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    If you aren't seeing archery and marksmanship equal up in terms of overall damage, you're probably a ranger who doesn't mash your G button as much as Ondori does. Crossbows shoot fastest, bows second, and guns slowest; crossbows do least damage, bows second, guns most powerful. I'm not a ranger myself, but this is what i've learned.

    I don't think marksmanship becomes utterly powerful all of a sudden or anything, Othinuos' Bow might help, or those Holy Bolts(don't know what level, but I remember Ondori using them)

    Since marksmanship and archery have the same WS's alike in terms of renkei, what's so bad about capping it in PT? You may do 50 less damage, but you're shooting much faster, and in most cases this is faster TP build.. more TP, less chance of Misswinder. Does that make up for the low damage? :D

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