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    Changing Linkshell name and colour

    Hey this is Falda from Carbuncle Server.

    I'm just wondering some technical stuff when you changed your LS colour.

    Did you guys recreate a new LS with the same name?(After you break the old one)

    The reason I ask is because currently our leader is taking a break from the game or quitting, we need to make a new LS for a new assigned leader.

    I've talked to a GM, he said it wasn't possible but he wasn't sure either.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hey sorry. I just registered to show some support.
    That question is a little bit dumb but the GM I asked wasn't helpful at all. Thanks again though.

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    yea we changed color and used same name. if the linkshell holder does /breaklinkshell or drops the linkshell item, then that ls disappears. so if he wants to quit ask him to drop the shell if you guys wanna have someone else be shell holder, or simply make another name or something

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    Ahh I see, thank you!

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