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    Just a small question.

    When you state Item drops like Adaman Ore and Shells and so on, are marked as Funds.

    What exactly does this fund?

    Is it split between members for ammunition, spells, gear, tools?

    Or more or less for Dynamis runs?

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    Fund items go to the linkshell fund, which is then used to buy members gear and items such as cursed body when we get a body Abjuration. Since an adaman ore split between 18 people, give or take, is really not worth much at all, it's more useful to put the money to the greater good. The ls isn't out to make everyone rich, it's out to improve all the members gear as the need arises to further our strengths as a whole.

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    we all know where ls funds really go... theyre RMT'ed so bert can always have a fat spliff of LSD while playing

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    hrm i think bakkateaparty should start this fun ^^ i need my bow for rng e-bow like 5mil now >< hi nejii! unicorn <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Litoriceboi
    we all know where ls funds really go... theyre RMT'ed so bert can always have a fat spliff of LSD while playing
    I was trying to cover it up, way to go!

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    My LS has recently started doing HNM and gods and stuff and we want to do an LS treasury thing. However, we hit a stumbling block in that some people feel funds should be given to crafters while others believe it hsould be used for solely getting cursed items. Does you LS use funds for crafting? If so, how do you dictate who gets gil and how much? Also, say someone gets 150K for the cursed paladin hands(thats about the price on Lakshmi), do they have to repay that 150K in the future?

    Also, you guys seem to be very successful. How do you handle who gets what item should it drop? For example, if a Shining Cloth drops of Kirin, I'd assume you would get it crafted, but who would recieve the tunic first? Is it soley who participates more, who has not gotten HNM items yet, or a combination of those and other factors?

    Sorry if this seems like prying, but Im really trying to get as much input from successful groups to make my LS better.

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    we spend most of our money on these things:
    cursed bodies
    HQ staves
    timeless hourglasses
    any necessities someone doesnt have and cant afford, like errant hpl for smn or enfeebling torque for rdm

    not rich enough to fund more than like 1-2 persons' crafts so we let people do it on their own. for minor cursed bs (basically every type of non body except shura) we also let ppl pay on their own.

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    I think gear is distributed based on a who needs + who deserves combined basis.

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    and who is present.

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