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    Camping Vana'diel Wind during downtime~


    Deus and I are camping Vana'diel Wind because we have nothing better to do until the servers come back up. So I bring you new mob! ... ... yay?

    Not really, I'm just bored. But yeah, Vana'diel Wind just makes the boredom worse.

    More updates as they come.

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    lol coralline uragnite

    i'm interested

    tell deus to use vent with a mic and just mute joft

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    More Results of Boredom:

    here is a guestbook and here is my cat
    my name is josh
    and that's that

    ZOMG!111 best lines EVAR

    Joft's Poetry Skill went up by 0.5 points.

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    NOOOOO Emergancy maitenance grr, we were just about to do BCNM40 (worms) for Erase/Phalanx scrolls for our LS Damnit SE!!!! I swear they pick the worst times to do this shit, I just got my DSL back after 2 days cause of a certain hurricanes storm knocked it out So what are all you doing, I'm checking the POL status bars and browsing the forums

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    we got interrupted out of dynamis-windurst

    hopefully we dont get rolled back and ppl who got key items and ppl who got af2's get screwed over >.>

    i'm just doin nothing, dont wanna go to bed even tho i should...blah blah

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    I'm doing completely random things.

    Looking at people's websites. Setting up cool screen capture programs and video capture programs.

    Because I can fill up massive amounts of space on my HD for fun.

    Someone should let me on the Vent channel just so I can listen and be less bored. -_- Because my retarded roommate goes to sleep at 10PM every night like a little goodie-goodie.

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    (|Um...|) Huh?

    Where the fuck is that? I've seen pictures of it before, but my memory's not working well right now.

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    Screw it. I'm going to sleep.

    Remember, all you kiddies who aren't in college yet--don't room with one of your friends. Unless, you're REALLY REALLY good friends. Because you'll end up hating them for their stupid habits. Example:

    Roommate goes to sleep at 10PM weeknights, Result: NO voice chat after 10! w00t

    Geno gets out of chair to go do something, and (|Sneak|) wears off, Result: Roommate wakes up and is angry!

    The only way I can see to resolve this issue is to make my roommate act more like a college student and stay up later at night. Because I'm not going to bed at 10 fucking PM. Nuh uh. Not happening.

    orz.... just so frustrated, I don't want to deal with it. So I'm going to give in and go to sleep for now.

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