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    Pulling Fafnir/nidhogg from JPs

    On our server our HNM LS has been camping fafnir/nidhogg for the past several months and we were only able to get fafnir once but sadly there is always like 5 HNM LS camping this NM and it will always pop claim. We would always hear voke before we see fafnir. I know the exact time intervals the NM will pop and most of the time i can guess where it will spawn.

    I think it is kinda riduclous to have 100+ ppl in a small area trying to get the NM. We would thought when COP came out the JPs would go to the new areas... dead wrong. Also it seems like these ppl never sleep and I was told some characters in their LS have 2-3 ppl playing.

    I think we better off focusing on Kirin.. because fafnir/nidhogg seems to be a waste of our time. Eventually we going to bring 18 + 25 vokers from our LS it seems like this is the only way we can win. And who ever vokes were going to add them to the main pt. Then once we get it the other 24 ppl can leave. too much damn work just to get one NM.

    This is really starting to piss me off real bad.

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    /comfort i feel your pain...

    I'm hopefull that CoP when it's all said and done will help out.... I even wish there were more xping locations for LVL 75 people...

    Sky is starting to get crowded.


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    try to move it to a time where jp would most likely be asleep or at work or class, and if they still win, then you're gonna end up competing with them. it does really suck, and there are lots of items dropped by fafnir/nidhogg that do stuff no other nms' drops can do.

    maybe you can backtrack if people stop camping it with the expansion, good luck

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    JP HNM LS's on Asura don't sleep or have school! no matter what the time of day it is they are always there

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    Fafnir is going to be competed for more than ever now. ^^ At least for a while.

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