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    I Got Song Suggestions

    Thrice-identity crisis 3:58
    Thrice-Betrayal is a symptom 2:49
    Thrice-all thats left 3:08
    Thousand foot krutch-Phenomenon 3:00
    Spiritfall-my reason 5:30
    Kid rock-Cowboy 4:17
    Iron Madien-the trooper 4:12
    Hot Action Cop-feva for the flava 4:00
    Guilty gear x-still in the dark remix 3:32
    Fuel-hemorrhage(in my hands) 4:00
    Dogfight-another day 3:35
    Guilty gear-Primal light 3:06
    Guilty gear-Prolouge(shout&buring)4:43
    animetaru-juppon katanna 8:23
    Guilty gear-no mercy remix 3:19

    if your intersted in any of these song or having trouble getting some ill be glad to help you can IM me with AOL Instant Messanger at SolBadguy628
    or you can e mail me at mailto:[email protected] later people


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    Thanks i'll look at these tonight...

    if anyone has some songs that they like or think would work well in a video feel free to post it.


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    use a slow song ^_^ slow songs to fast action (and some slow mode) are the koolest **** ever!

    Clocks- Coldplay

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    use a slow song ^_^ slow songs to fast action (and some slow mode) are the koolest **** ever!

    Clocks- Coldplay

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    pretty any trance song will work.. hard not to find one that wont fit...

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    Some songs I think would be cool~

    I dunno if anyone else likes this stuffs~

    Near Miss - Now Rectify ( 3:14 )
    Thursday - Tomorrow I'll Be You ( 4:05 )
    The Virus - Rats in the City ( 4:03 )
    The Unseen - So Sick of You ( 2:03 ) <~ Ok so maybe it wouldn't be good for a music video but I like it.
    System of a Down - I-E-A-I-A-I-O ( 3:09 ) <~ This song is just nutz.
    Stutterfly - Gun in Hand ( 6:02 )
    Rage Against the Machine - Sleep now in the Fire ( 3:25 )
    Offspring - Keep them Seperated ( 3:16 )
    Melee - The War (3:52) <~ Some slower crap but kinda cool.
    Anti-Flag - Underground Network ( 4:03 )
    Anti-Flag - Tearing down the borders ( 3:08 ) <~ I think this one would be teh awesomexorz.

    Yeh, I think that's all I have that wouldn't totally suck for music videos. Download at your own risk.

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    you need to use an ocremix in 1 of them. thats my only request. some ppl say the shit there sucks but some are really nice

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