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    Hi I am an idiot and don't know anything. I have been trying to pop the Bloodbead Ring NM for about a month now with the help of LS members to no avail. I was wondering if anyone had any information on the popping conditions of the NM Bloodsucker that they could please post them here. I have heard 72h pop, 24h pop, even 3h pop... I really dont know which to believe, for all I know it could be lottery. If you have any information please post it here or better yet send me a PM. Thanks.

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    bloodsucker is a bit hard to hunt. i suggest that u hunt this guy after a maint (which u might not be able since u will hunt fafnir and stuff ^^)

    well.. the area this guy pop is rather big... and it still aggro to lvl 75. widescan is useless to track the NM since the name of the NM is similar to the PH. The only way to differenciate is to look at it :/ the NM has a blue color (like the color of bloodball at BT) while the PH is reddish color like normal leech.

    i believe its a 21-24 hr lottery pop. good luck ^^ i was lucky when i was hunting jelly ring and i dropped down and found him.

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    arno, send me tell when you go. i can have some of my friends go as well. we can clean out the sewers.

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    thanks for the info, it seems to match up with some of the stuff ive been hearing... time to kill some more leeches orz

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