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Thread: Dont drink the Haterade     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Dont drink the Haterade

    I understand some ppl were upset with me because I did not attend dynamis with Wiffleball last night but instead went to jueno with dynamiscasino. I also understand that some ppl want to yank my pearl and not let me go to dynamis Bea. Well u might get ur wish because of military training I will be late for Sundays dynamis and will not be able to attend next Wednesdays dynamis. In 4 weeks I will be getting deployed to Iraq and will most likely be selling my account because it is a 18 month tour. That is the main reason I went to jueno last night is id like to get my af2 gloves before I go, kind of a goal I set for myself. If u wanna kick me out that is fine or not let me go to Bea thats ok too. But next time u talk bad about me say to my face or in /tell or even understand the whole situation before jumping conclusions.

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    I was upset about you not coming Ram but maybe a forward notice would have helped the situation or you could have told us instead of just saying so now in the forums a day after.
    I understand your reason, and I thank you for explaining your situation, but a heads up or so would be truly appreciated so ppl do not jump into all sorts of conclusions that lead from one thing to another >.<

    I hope you take care of yourself and wish you well on you journey.

    Hope to see you again!

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    ... I don't even know you, but my prayers are with you nonetheless... come back safe and sound.

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    I think if you had explained the situation beforehand, no one would have been upset about you going to Jeuno instead. Everyone probably would have encouraged you to do that.

    And please don't sell your account. People who buy accounts don't know how to play and suck ass.

    And I will close with this Iraq bullshit blows. I'm sorry to see you go.

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