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    Just wondering...(Thief question)

    Would a thief ever be wanted in a HNM LS like The Blue? (No, I'm not asking to get in, I'm not even on Bahamut.) Or doesn't a thief have a snowball's chance in hell?

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    TH2, TH3, TH4 [Can I have it?]


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    Salvage Bans
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    thf is less useful of a dmg dealer than a guy that make sh*t happen. and also very useful for treasure hunter and all kinds of things that aren't directly involved in thinking. some of the smartest players of ffxi, aside from strategy oriented mages, are thfs, because you need to have a recognization of your surroundings and choose the best plan off the top of your head many times. dumb thf = screwed plans

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    Ah awesome, thanks for the response. Now my hopes aren't totally destroyed.

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    ... good Thieves kick ass.

    ... bad Thieves are near Dragoon level of suckiness. But not that low.

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    What level is your thief? Whatever it is. STOP RIGHT NOW. Change to another job. You will be better off.

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    vudoo haha ^^ i hate thfs for pt with as dark..but i pt with vudoo and some how we made good pt ^^ maybe cuz vudoo is good thf mwahhaa

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    hmmm.... he must have not been pulling

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    Vudoo's pro with his harness but NQ mantle.

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    Harness made me broke.
    What's an extra +5 attack and +1 STR gonna? My damage is still gonna be crap anyways.

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    Sea Torques
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    Jul 2004
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    +5 attack and +1str more is enough of a reason to buiy it you n00b
    /slap vudoo

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    THF + RNG == OK

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