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    A few tips please

    Dear Blue Gartr,

    I'm a pretty high lvl RNG/THF (32RNG/15THF) on the Garuda Server but even at my lvl I am still having trouble with Lizzy and Valkrum Emperor. I know Valk shouldnt be camped until 36+ but I need and tips on camping these guys, such as good times of camping for less competition or speific equipment i should use, and ect.

    Please help it would be much appreciated

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    lizzy is always being camped so you have to be standing in the right spot, actually I've only fought it twice and both times, I was running by (not camping) and it was just standing there, no drop either time.

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    there is no "great time" for doing it. as with any mob there is always someone going after it because in a pool of some 5000+ people theres just about always going to be someone wanting to do the same thing as you. if you wanna camp these guys then you just need to go and keep scanning while killing the placeholders. i dont know how emperor works because songokou is constantly killing him and you dont ever see the thing around here

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    Don't camp with RNG main until you're Lv40. Shadowbind is just like Provoke.

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