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Thread: CoP dissapointment -_-;;     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    CoP dissapointment -_-;;

    yesi thought it came out today..which it does ..but most stores do not sell until tomorow which is wedsday >< booo !!! heya i registered for forums ^^ good news haha

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    same thing is happening to everyone in US i think
    can anyone confirm a place that has promathia today?

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    This is how game store chains work.

    The game gets shipped out from SE today. Stores in California typically have it right now.

    The rest of the United States gets it tomorrow.

    -.- I think it was... Nikkei? She worked at GameStop too... she'd be able to tell ya the same deal.

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    The reason why everything is knocked back a day or two was because of the hurricane(s).

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    um... I don't think SE is based in Florida, sooo your theory is probably incorrect

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    that's the excuse that gamestop & ebworlds across the country are giving. heh i called ones in san francisco and seattle and they said the same hurricane thing as ones in alabama other stores dont have it either so i think it might be true

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    wtf, that's retarded... speaking of hurricanes, apparently Ivan is going to go up to New York, reeneter the Atlantic, come back South, enter the Gulf of Mexico, and then hit Texas, which is where I live... that's kinda odd

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    i live in seattle the oppsite end of the USA and hurricane effects us think also what goes on in iraq effects our games shipment too ^^

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    Supposedly the games ship out from california today, which means most people except for some in the west coast won't have it 'till tomorrow.

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    i wanted to go claming ><

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    :X I miss Seattle.

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    The EB Games near my job has the PS2 version but not the PC version today. (/cry) They told me that they should get the PC version tomorrow.

    Well, it looks like I will be able to make my goal of hitting level 75 before I get the Expansion after all. (Now I have surely jinxed it, like the last 2 days...) @900, I will probably solo that tonight. (-_-)

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    yeah ps2 version is here, and pc version isn't coming until friday

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