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    New Areas

    Just got going to some of the new areas with some of BG...it was fun and i made about 70k just from drops w...this is first time i got to do anythign with them..so I got a feel for your guy's LS and I like how the people are..all seem nice... ^_^ ... hopefully I can assist you guys more in exploration w

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    i cant believe u thought i was a ranger ; ;

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    damn could you kiss BG's @$$ any more?

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    Re: Chokomaru

    Quote Originally Posted by guest
    damn could you kiss BG's @$$ any more?
    I invited him

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mogi
    i cant believe u thought i was a ranger ; ;

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    I am glad I was wrong...that i thought you were a ranger..otherwise i dont know who would of tanked all the mobs w

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    omg. ed's avatar is hella cute ^^

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    Mogi tanking damn king buffalo..this thing look so strong..but just got pwned....( i look so small >_<)

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    hell, i spent half my day yesterday with BG people and didn't get 7k worth of drops.

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