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    lvl 72 Smn/37 whm

    Equip: Dark Staff, Wind Staff, Light Staff
    Summoner's Bracers
    Rest is AF1 till I find better summoner equip
    Evoker's Ring
    Zenith Crown

    Ready to lvl up and help with the fun stuff^^
    School will make it rough but I will do my best to try and do both (school always first)

    Thanks for reading^^


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    puhaha you call me trader because I might try to join later..and here i see your application hahaha.... funny summoner tricks are for kids, jk jk good luck ^^

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    choko -.-

    you too said you wanted to continue with your "family" and join no other LS after aka disbanded..... and that you'd join the new LS made and be with it unitl it was strong again... so if you changed your mind why can't he >< lol

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    Choko didn't say he can't.

    it's just amusing how some people can insult or make fun of someone else for doing something, than turn around and do the exact same thing themselves.

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    honestly choko knows I was joking and he was joking around to.

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    yea i was joking ^^ just giving hexi s**t lol ... serious joke..but still a joke...plus imp i was sticking to akanoishi until it broke up into about 10 diffrent ls's >< and i am in thelias now..its just a chat room we never do anything... how is a LS suppose to get strong when thelia said its not a HNM ls..just a friend ls..>< pointless

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    yeah I know... everybody went different ways... sucked....

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