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    Mission 3-3

    I tried this mission today, fought the NM went down with elevator, then took the wrong tunnel at the last 3 head path, and i came up at the start again from low delkfurt tower, so which is the right tunnel, the straight one , the left onr or the right one, for BASTOK though! thx to the one who will answer me that ^ ^

    Solo Lv 42 -/- PT Lv 35
    (Lv 35 preferred, as the bats inside will not autoattack)
    (this missions is the same for each town)

    Talk to your town's leader to obtain this mission, they will direct you to their embassy in Jeuno (Ru'lude Gardens).

    (Note - Don't forget to get maps!! The map of Qufim can be bought for 3000 gil across from Low Jeuno's auction house. To receive the map of Delfutt tower, you have exchange a Kaiser sword (drops from Weapons in Qufim) for it by doing a quest in Port Jeuno; Imasuke who stands at the enter to qufim.)

    There are 10 floors in Delfutt Tower divided in 3 parts linked by teleport devices. Magic users beware - make sure there are no Magic Pot/Elements around when using magic as they will be attracted. After getting to the top floor, fight the NM giant called "Phyporion". It will drop 6 Delkfutt keys each, so if you have an alliance, you'll have to wait for it to regenerate and fight it again (10 mins).

    When everybody in the party has a key, trade it to the elevator (H-8). Finally head to the tunnel to the east walk down a 9 flights of stairs down to the first floor. You will be in the basement.

    There are 3 rooms for each respective nations (M-7, M-8, N-9). In each one is the Ambassador. After a cut scene, you're ready to leave the area. Go to the tunnel in that very same area and walk down a very long stairs down to the first floor

    Go back to your towns embassy in jeuno to finish

    Ranking 4 5000 gil

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    Re: Mission 3-3

    Quote Originally Posted by bercus
    so which is the right tunnel, the straight one , the left onr or the right one, for BASTOK though! thx to the one who will answer me that ^ ^
    just try them all... it's that simple...

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    i went through the right one, it was the wrong one then i couldnt go back cause it was locked again, so the whole walk was for nothing np i try the middle one then today ^ ^

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    you can try one and then go try another... you don't have to leave, and you can get back in the room with your key so you don't have to go to the top.

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    if you accidentally exit that area, you can get back in by trading delkfutts key to the door (the one you used for the elevator)

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    well, thx though lol, it was 5 am i did that mission didnt even try trade again lol, made it yesterday ^ ^

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