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    Ouch, Call for help on Cassie{/comfort}

    I noticed somone called for help on Cassie. {im sorry}

    but Ondori yet again made another Great Video, and damn, u had it perfectly timed with RATM

    I wish I had Ondori's Movie Skills
    mine are {too Weak}

    EDIT:Wrong forum technically it was the LawnchairLS, whoops

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    It's cool. lol
    Was Lawnchair LS not us.

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    Was my OLD linkshell... that was like 3-4months ago.

    sorry for the confusion


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    lol, ur old LS still is killer....Ive seen Fafnir accidently Called for help before too =P, just an Inevitable thing thats going to happen sooner or later

    but still, Stunning Video

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