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    something is wrong!

    someppl might know me some dont, for those who do, i hope they dont think ill of me ^^
    im a 58 monk/war old elvaan geezer with very good gear
    all AF's complete since lvl 55 too ^^
    brown belt life belt sniper rings (took kote from my cousin, read and ull know why).
    i was reading some forums here and there and suddenly though...
    how come its only me that faced real crap in this game.
    ive been playing for god knows when... since the release of the first expansion RoZ and belive it or not i dont level much..lol still lvl 58.
    first i was thinking,,, how come i never got a drop from the Och. kote NM in castle oz.. i spent 4 months... 4, just camping him every day and killing him atleast once every day or 2... never got the drop
    killed that bitch lizzy 12 times no drop and v. emp crap loads and no drop. also i helped out a tonn of ppl only to see that when i need such a simple task they either ignor me or refuse lol. but what ever i forgive them.
    nevertheless, i keep on going, ive seen lots and lots of ppl that ive helped with Subjob quests hit 70+ lol, ironic.
    i guess why im writing this is that i wanna know what ppl think of me as a person and as a player and i hope i got good reputation amongs the ppl of bahamut.
    also (i hope u read this neo) i wanna that the ppl of my LS.. Relevations
    yes there still underdeveloped. and i LOVE them there like my family and special thnx to Neosolidus and Glibant Nakatoki and everyone else in the LS... like my brothers ^^

    well cya send me a /tell and say hi lol sometime (im considering quitting for all the crap luck i faced, maybe maybe not)

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    well, theres those who have good luck and those of us who have bad luck. i have generally bad luck as i cant ever get anything to drop either...and i've been through the "help them and cant get help" process as well. so keep on chugging i guess, a whole new game opens up at 75, because honestly, theres not much you can do at 58

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    hmm name sounds familiar but dont remember ^^ u seem nice thought..i dont help out much people now..for same reason as u...one time i help thf af2 rdm never healed me once...i was tanking it..i killed it with 73 hp to spare...and after got af2 thf and rdm warp..and leave me there >< but if helping people is your thing then do it..just dont expect to get much back w

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    thank you, but what i need right now i guess is some confedence boost
    ; ; everyone keeps braging how mnks r excelent 65+ but how will i get there if we never get invited ; ;

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obalix
    thank you, but what i need right now i guess is some confedence boost
    ; ; everyone keeps braging how mnks r excelent 65+ but how will i get there if we never get invited ; ;
    not every job is just gonna get an invite , take me as an example a thf >.> just do what i do and start ure own pt's ^^ 8) , oh and if NM's arent ure thing , try go for farming ^^ gl

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