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    Hello BG!

    i stop by from time to time to check out your kick ass LS info/news/etc... and wanted to say hi, as well ask a couple questions ^^.

    Out link right now is currently 50-65 and everyone is gaining levels really quickly. Our goal is to become a top HNM ls within out server over time, but my question for you guys is: have any tips for an upcoming HNM ls? How do does BG looting system work out? Any input you could give us would be greatly welcomed!

    Feel free to check us out, not as cool as this site and is still being worked on. but we have fun, so i guess thats all that matters. ^^

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    make sure you work out your looting and recruiting before you become too active, with specifics. we didn't and it's caused a lot of problems.

    and 4gods + kirin are good noncompetitive ways to make money and get good gear

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    looting and recruiting is not the way

    here's what captain planet has to say

    the power is YOUR'S!

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