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    Pwned Vs Got Pwned

    I thought i make a thread for events that you Kill stuff easy or You yourself got killed easy....

    I know no wants to admit they getting killed easy but ill be first one to admit ...This happened last night ,was very bored as usual sitting in jeuno. I send a tell to senxai from knights just to see what hes up to. Hes like Cactrot Rapido is up, come if you want. So i get there we spent like 2 hours trying to get that bastard We had the bait but he just be out of distance to aggro. So we decided to split up into 2 teams each with a sabotender. Some reason a Redmage of Knights wandered off just a little and Rapido came and hit him on head on collision. (wasnt the cactuar fault he couldnt stop,to fast ! w) but anyways the redmage died instantly.(was pretty funny) . After awhile one of the teams got the pull but 2nd team got there to late and they got 10,000 needled and took about 1700 dmg each. After 30 mins later after raise sickness away we got pull and we were all together this time. (i was thinking we going to pwn this thing easy) . At the start of the battle Rapido does 10,000 needles got me down to 500 hp some of people already died. Then I stun get ready for SANTA Spinning Slash then he does 10k needles again....and every 1 died lol was embarassing ,but i swear Rapido has infinite TP he was like spamming 10k needles lol .....whms didnt have time to spam curaga ....w then after we dead sitting there Rapido comes back runs over our party... show OFF!!! any ways the point is we got pwned lol ..my next plan is go with 3 alliances haha so we only take like 100 dmg from 10k 8) jk

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    I was leveling SAM and I was level 8, and I was in South Gustaberg, and there was Leaping Lizzy, grazing on the yummy dirt... so I of course ran up to it and engaged cause I couldn't pass it up. I even had time to med my HP to full cause no one knew it was standing there. So I engage and I'm fighting and I 2 hours and tachi:enpi for 45 and I'm like "I got this easy" then I tachi:enpi again for like 9 and distortion for another 5, and then my 3rd tachi:enpi did like 10 so I was screwed. I started marathoning Lizzy and told people to come kill it, but it went unclaimed and someone else got it, I didn't die, but it's a funny story... I marathoned Lizzy... pwned

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    My very first time wandering around yhaoter as a whm, I was invis and sneaking and I stumbled onto Den of rancor, well eventually I found a drop, and there they were, NM tonberry and black mandies, and my sneak/invis wore off jic to get stabbed for about 800 dmg >< ouch, but it was cool seeing multcolored elemental

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