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Thread: Removing a BigKill entry     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Removing a BigKill entry

    Is there a way to remove a Big Kill entry? I made a mistake, confusing Guivre with Vouivre. I wouldn't even waste the time to look at Guivre twice, but i suppose we should kill her sometime just for the sake of. Right now, though, she shouldn't be on the list. Anyway, if you can, please remove it from the entry for Aftermath LS on Diablos.



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    Thanks for your post... I'm planing on added mroe options soon... like remove and edit.

    I'll do it manually.



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    Erhm, hi. Regarding Osiris LS on Gilgamesh.

    I accidently added Overlord Bakgodek 6 (six) times instead of one. <.< lol.
    Mind removing 5of them, the ones without pictures? thanks.

    Edit: Charybdis 2x tinstead of 1.
    Bomb Queen 2x instead of 1.

    Please correct this too. thanks

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