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    White Mage Chat Filters

    What are the ideal chat filters when playing a WHM, Level 50.

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    since you're exping mainly and are dealing with generally 6 at a time you should keep all filters off if u have the technological capability. filter out party's missed attacks if you need to and if you're surrounded by pts...take out some of the "other" stuff. never put on "other's missed attacks" since that wouldnt allow u to see if something else hit your pt but didnt hit, and special actions initiated by others is very important for pre-curing or some other stuff like that. but generally with 6 ppl i prefer keeping everything off

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    in XPing i don't chat filter anything for any job.

    if we happen to be at a crowded camp, i'll add filters to get rid of some stuff from the other parties but not much.

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    I filtered damage done by party, partys missed attacks, and changed colors of status effects (to some obnoxious green)
    ..I spent more time looking at my PTs health/mp bars than I do at the monster and the members

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    i have everything unfiltered except partys attacks and damage taken by party, and missed attacks on both ends.

    Changed anything beneficial to ... purple... and determinal to red so i just zone out on hp bars and whenever red text (determinal) or white text (monk wants haste ) then look over to chat log to cast whatever

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