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    Samurai Maat Fight

    Hey, i am currently a lvl 70 Samurai, and i already have my testimony so i was wondering if anyone knows a good tactic for defeating Maat as a samurai? Ive been reading around and it seems like the best tactic is go in and meditate, let meditate cool down, then go in Yukikaze -> Meikoi Shisui -> Gekko -> Meditate -> Yukikaze -> Gekko -> Yukikaze.

    I was also wondering, is it possible to attain Tachi: Kasha at a lvl 70 cap? Because isn't the needed skill lvl to obtain the quest 250, which should cap at 70? Thank you for your help in advance

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    i'm pretty sure you need to be Lv 71+ to get any of those quests.

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    if itsquested it is 71+.... just because at 70 i had my requirement of 240 ws for spiral hell but couldnt get quest yet

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    My static SAM used this strategy for beating Maat:

    Go in and Meditate, let it cool down so it is ready again. Use Third Eye. Wait until there are about 5-8 seconds left to use Third Eye again (when it will also wear off) and hit Maat with Gekko. At this point, he'll use a WS (seems to usually be Combo), after that, use Third Eye again and hit your 2hr and use Yukikaze (Induration SC). Meditate, then Gekko (Fragmentation), then another Gekko (Distortion). Now you'll have a bit of leftover TP, you can just use the WS as a solo WS or bring an icarus wing to get instant TP and do another skillchain (Enpi>Enpi or Yukikaze>Gekko both work well). Bring some hi-pots and maybe a vile elixir or vile elixir+1. My friend said he won when he was still near full health (since he avoided 2 of the WS by using Third Eye).

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    The Samurai Maat fight is probably the easiest in the game. I beat it at lv 68 using no potions. You enter the BCNM, meditate, wait for about 3 minutes, third eye, charge Maat. WS, 2hr, WS, med, WS, WS, WS, and guess what! Maat is [death]. I probably cut it a little closer than I should have, ended with about 500 hp left, but there was never any real question of who was going to win.

    And no, you can't get Tachi: Kasha until lv 71. But I highly recommend you get it as soon as you turn 71, because you'll just be gimp without being able to do light skillchains with people.

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    yes tachi-kasha is a must.. with out it is like as bad as dark knight using ash staff.......O_O

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    Its not that hard

    Yea, I've seen a video of a Sam Maat fight. He took it cool, didnt
    mess up and died in less than 1minute.

    Maat has a little less than 2800 hp, just remember not to panic and forget and order, and he's dead before you realize it. Good luck :D

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