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    Dynamis Bastok advice

    Hello again BG! Last night I went on my first Dynamis run, it's alot of fun lol We got some great drops, but didn't clear the Boss; in fact, we didn't even get to the boss due to a nasty zenmetsu from Mijin Gakure (2000dmg to a 69 elvaan bard with Stoneskin, Barfira, and Fire Carol up Oo; and getting stuck near the Zeruhn Mines zone. I took a look at your Wiffleball section and saw Quicklet's Dynamis Bastok map. I was wondering if that path worked out better than going past the ChocoStables. I have a few other dynamis questions so in respect to your LS privacy/secrets could one of you maybe PM me so I could ask you in private?
    Thanks again for your help and awesome videos^^

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    skipping the stables is hella prudent
    as for mijin gakure, we think either it's ridiculously random and can bone you over at any time, or it's dependent on how fast the NIN dies. due to when he actually uses it (low life) we can almost always keep them from doing it by simply saving TP for these types

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    Last night we tried dynamis-bastok again. We are the first NA Dynamis LS on Odin to clear!!! We had some great preparation: no group suicide and we managed to destroy all Kusa before they could Mijin Gakure. Thanks so much for the tips and the support you guys give to players on all servers! Here's a link to the good drops that we got.[/url]

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    we died the first time as well. the only way to get better is to do it. this applies for all dynamis. jeuno was the only one we cleared first try...and with like 25 ppl lol >.>

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