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    Steam Cleaner, oh Steam Cleaner, where art thou??

    So, I know that Steam Cleaner was bugged awhile ago and people had trouble popping it.

    I suspect that bug has returned, at least on my server.

    I filled out a bug report but who knows how long it will take SE to get around to looking into it, and if they do, I likely will never hear back. How long did the bug that was previously affecting the Steam Cleaner take to be fixed?

    My LS has been trying for almost two weeks now to pop the damn thing and have NEVER been able to pop it, despite doing 4-6 hour stints on an almost daily basis with no one else in sky.

    We've tried various methods.

    Usually we go in one of the 4 entrances, which are the 2nd entrance on the first island to the right or left, or the 1st entrance on the second island to the right or left. Then we go down the first flight of stairs, and then the second flight of stairs where there are 2 detectors doing circles.

    Usually we sleep both, let them summon and kill the dolls ASAP, then after each has summoned 2-3 we kill off one and sleep the other and let it summon again and again and again until a new Detector pops, at which time we kill the old one and take the new one.

    Doing this for hours and hours and hours has not popped the Steam Cleaner.

    Anyone else having problems?

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    actually it's been way longer than 2 weeks since we try

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    my LS brings a detector from downstairs to the zone to ruaun gardens and keeps it asleep till it spawns. Usually takes 1-2 hours.

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    My LS did Steam Cleaner last week, maybe Thursday I think. Took close to an hour for it to pop which was pissing us off because after the update that fixed it had only taken 15-30 mins usually. Hopefully with the patch tomorrow it goes back to normal for you guys, good luck.

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    i am god of steam cleaner. whenever i pull detectors he always pops and attempts to rape my 600hp

    but as for this "bug"...we've consistently popped steam cleaner for the last few months so we havent noticed any problems. like theres been 1 occasion where we gave up looking fo rhim and that was when we had no idea how to pop him efficiently

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    you are god of pulling detectors and then letting us wait 10 minutes for it to come up only to realize it's not coming!!

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    We've had good luck and bad luck with SC... we also go downstairs, kill 1 detector and sleep the other and let it constantly summon til SC pops. Last night he spawned after 2nd summon, few nights ago we were there almost 3 hours til he finally popped.

    The biggest problem is if other people are in the zone, it's hard to tell if they are also trying to pop SC (without directly asking them) since there are essentially 4 locations you can pop him from.

    We've killed SC quite a few times with Indra Katars dropping only once, coincidentally when none of our 3 75 MNK was there, go figure

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    been ages since i posted here >.<;; but i noticed this thread....

    We have also had probs... doing the same sleeping detectors till he spawns... pulling from the basement... we have been going for about 4 weeks no steam spawn and using up our gems and stones... steam did have a bug that SE reported on steam was apparently fixed we poped him several times and now no luck again ; ;... maybe were just unlucky... but for the other 3 hnm ls's on our server we have heard the same pros from them too >.<;; [Too Weak] steam is pissing me off...

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