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Thread: Drk's role in HNM fights     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Drk's role in HNM fights

    I was just wondering what a dark knight's primary role (if there is any) in your typical HNM fight. Now I know every fight is different and we'll never be as powerful as a good ranger, but I'm still hoping I'm not leveling dark for nothing. I find the endgame stuff really interesting and hope I can eventually help out some way in these fights. Thanks.

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    Stun, and sitting in the outside alliance doing /cheer ?


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    Smells like Onions
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    DRK do great damage if they are properly equipped. They work for skillchains mostly, for bursting. Most of our DRKs will eventually do enough damage on Fafnir to get hit once or twice, or get terrorized from our two pld, one in full koenig.

    Just depends on your playskill and equip. :3

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