Some great vids. you put up Ondori~

Be great if you could find someone to draw anime versions of your
in-game characters and somehow show em with the character's name
as the video starts.

If you're ever in the mood to put rock songs in some of the vid ur creating~ Heres a couple of em. Dunno if it'll really suit the vid.


Rufio: "Above Me"
"Just a Memory"

Finch: "Grey Matter"
"Three Simple Words"

Senses Fail: "Martini Kiss"

Thrice: "Unquestioned Answers"


The Pillows: (Band from FLCL anime) XD

or some Naruto songs~

Flow: "GO" (naruto theme song starting from ep. 78)

If you can't find the songs below anywhere else just head to,music

Toshiro Masuda: "The Raising Fighting Spirit"
"Bad Situation"
"Orochimaru Fight" <= i think this one is very suitable,
pretty intense song. ^^

Hope you like some of the suggestions