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    PLD Ring Help Please

    Ok im currently a 56 Galka PLD on Fairy
    My question is on rings
    Right now i have 2 Electrums on but have some gil finally
    ATM i have 600k and change so my question is
    Should i go for Astrals or keep electrums till 60 and go with Demon Ring+1 or is there another way to go?
    Any help is appreciated
    I have all my AF done except the body
    Gluttony Sword already bought along with IM Gorget RK Body and Pants so my equips r pretty much up to date.
    And Awesome site and videos!

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    go with +3VIT man get one of those and mermaid ring. pld is all about hp and vit. just flash and cure 3 over. also if you want get a earth staff and level it up and get Spirit taker which steals mp from mob also anothe rplus there. just thought i should give you a heads up.

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    Galka's need mp for lvl up..... I would say (need more money for this)

    Serket Ring + also a phalanx ring. But like I said, you will prolly need some extra blingy for that.

    Remember to make macro's if you can afford an extra VIT or Phalanx ring, this will just replace your serket ring for when you use the stored MP.


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    yes yes i know im trying for that damn Serket Ring but the price keeps going up lol it was once at 1 million and i had that gil but when i went to go buy it the last 3 transactions were 1.5 1.5 and 1.6 day it will be mine

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    I <3 Galka Paladins, but the MP situation can be a bit light. Lujan brought up /equip macros, if you have never seen one before this is the basic set up.

    /equip slot "Item Name"

    You could have two ring macros that look like this...

    /equip ring1 "Serket Ring"
    /equip ring2 "Astral Ring"

    /equip ring1 "Phalanx Ring"
    /equip ring2 "Phalanx Ring"

    You would probably want to have separate macros that switch one ring at a time, but that is all personal preference. I have heard of quite a few Galka PLDs who start out a battle with one or two pieces of RSE (gloves and boots mostly) and swap them out as they expend the excess MP.

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    See i used to have that Heal, Melee Macro thing where i would switch on and off my RSE Gloves and Electrums for Verve Rings and the "Melee" gloves but since 40 i have been with a static of 5 real life friends so our RDM always has refresh on me so i stopped switching MP gear and always wore since my MP rarely ever ran out or dropped for a period of tim e......should i still have the "Melee Macro"?

    Right Now my equips are
    Astral Rings
    AF Gloves and Boots
    RK Body and Pants
    2 Pigeon Earring
    i wear this all fight with no switching

    should i be doing something different

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    ive got 2 +6MP earrings, 2 +3vit earrings and a darkstaff. as long as you A. have a rdm or B. make sure you have time to rest 2 ticks after each battle you can keep hate unless you've got some insane dmg dealers

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