Sonix from Diabolos here.. I have a couple of comments on bigkills..

First off, I love the idea.. this site has pushed us to kill mobs we would normally not waste our time with, just for the fun of doing it and the points ^^ .. (IE C.Cherry, Rapido..)

In regards to Wildseven teaming up with another ls.. I don't think this should count at all.. If your LS can't accomplish it, you shouldn't get the points.. You should be 100% your LS on the scene. I could team up with some JPN LS and kill nidhogg/kingb and where does that put my LS?.. No thanks.

Another question is, you have the ash dragon rated a 4, but nobody has ever listed killing it except us.. how do you give that a number when nobody else has actually killed it?.

Another thing I'd like to consider is limits, player limits.. People were talking about the new dragons and comments were made about 45-80 people.. I know the best JPN LS on our server is going at it with 18, and has done very well so far.. Last time I watched they got it to 50% by themselves.. Killing it with 80 would be no challenge.

We got our first win over fafnir with 12 people, I don't know how that stacks up on other servers, but it was quite a challenge for us.. esp because it was our first win. I would like to see things having to be done with 18 or less for them to actually count.. most of this would be honor system, but I would expect most LS's to have honor here.

Finally 2 things about screenshots.

I had put our SS's up for some mobs, and I guess I was not logged in properly, as another LS now has our SS's for their kills.. Sorry about that.. Just hope it can get removed. The other is actually requiring those SS's to be up there for points to count.. I think you can list the kill, but not actually count it as points until a SS is put up. We didn't put our ss's up for a bit because it was a pain, but I did go back and dig them up, cut the drops and throw it on.. I would just hope everyone would do this to keep the system honest.

Great job on things so far, I find this to be a very enjoyable and friendly fun competition..... Let's just keep it clean =)