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    Man Faye is Hot. LOL!!!

    I don't care what ppl think Man faye is hot LOL!

    I wanted to get a pic w. him grabbing his a$$ lol but my sister jetted somewhere after seeing that hairy a$$ of his lol.

    It was pretty sad that he was banned from Ae2004 only after 3 hrs in to the first day w

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    I don't think I feel so well right now. ._.

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    They kicked him because he sort of MOONED half the registration room...


    Didn't see this "Einstein" incident, though lol.

    Actually, he was also peddling shirts around saying "I slapped Man Faye's ass." I'm sure that didn't help either. XD

    omg, anime expo 2004 was good times, now that I look back on it... that was my first expo lol.

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    Well, all he did was walk around the reg. room lol w. his half ass showing and the Convention security got pissed and kicked him out.
    they even called the Police on him, i have pic of the police somewhere

    and there was a guy who slapped Man faye ass think i have a video of it <lol>

    and i know i have the pic of this a$$ with a red hand mark on it i just have 2 find it <lol>

    I should also post Man Yuna LOL!! but i cant find it on my website ~_~

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    My Inner Child is balled up in a corner weeping. I hope that you are happy now.

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    aaaaaaaaaahahahahhaha sept

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berticus
    oh shit son!

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    In an attempt to take the focus off that Faye... that is a really awsome Ed in that pic. That's the best cosplay Ed I've seen to date, actually.

    2 Otakons ago I had a friend that dressed up as Faye. A guy also. Except he shaved his entire body to do it and put balloons in his shirt for breasts. I will spare everyone from seeing those pics, but it was pretty funny.

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