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    HNM linkshells... must.. acheive greatness!!!!!!!!

    ok, watching the videos has the power to inspire me when sleep, lack of food, and all bodily functions trun against me.. I am now powered by the drive to create my own HNM linkshell. if only I could play during the week and I had large sums of money.... *sigh* I'm just a weak little 31 blm, just recently made enough for a few required spells. But I -WILL- start the HNM linkshell Inferno, and It shall whoop mighty butt on asura. .. I wonder if I could start it without me.. hm.... ^_^

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    augh >, I fergot. I got caust up in the moment there. my question is what advice do you have? what makes you the mostbad-ass of all the hnm linkshells around?

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    Fake Numbers
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    Sep 2004
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    People.... and skills..... and tarutarus... lots and LOTS of tarutarus XD

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    Smells like Onions
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    Sep 2004
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    I think he is asking a MEMBER of BG... ^.~

    Heh, when did you hit 60 fishing? I need to get on more often -_-;

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    Relic Shield
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    Jul 2004
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    before you get inspired to start the HNM linkshell Inferno you need to be inspired to level up :wink:

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