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    We got him once, but can't get him to pop for us again. We have the death time, and no one else has killed him. We've killed the wyvern that pops in Ungur's spawn room over and over. Now even the placeholder won't respawn..... What did we do wrong?

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    That happened to us all the time until one day it magically appeared, and no one knew how...

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    Ungur can repop after 2hr+, what you gotta do is run around in all the 3 caves and kill all the Wyvern PHs until he pops in the west cave.

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    so all the wyverns in gustav act as PH's for Ungar? have you confirmed this?

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    OK, I can confirm that Ungur is something like 2-3hour lottery spawn from ALL the wyverns in Gustav. My LS spent about 3hours killing all the wyverns on their repops and finally Ungur spawned. We've popped it now 3 times, so this info is pretty reliable.

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    i think unger only pops in his one little room, but there is always one wyvern pop spot that is not popped, therefor you must kill the other wyverns for a possible pop in that spot. so if the unger room has no wyvern, you must kill the rest of the wyverns in gustav for a possible wyvern or unger pop in that spot. right dio?

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    ...hate uger... much...

    .....almost as bad.. silliputti...

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    Exactly right Yummy. Ungur can only pop in that little room in the far west of the 2nd map. One wyvern pops there, one wyvern pops in Amikiri spot, 2-3 over near the Bastok 9-1 spot, and 2 in the far east of the map. What my LS normally does to pop him is go back and forth killing the wyvern in the Ungur room, the wyvern near Amikiri spawn and the 2-3 near Bastok 9-1. Ungur will then pop 2-3 hours later but only in that little room. Bring a ranger for widescan so you can tell when wyverns repop.

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    i killed the wyvern inthe room. 10 mins later ungur pops. o.O

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecurb
    i killed the wyvern inthe room. 10 mins later ungur pops. o.O
    maybe other people were killing the other wyverns ^^? possible, but i donno lol

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